BACHELORETTE star Tanner Guisness is the latest cutie vying for the final rose from Katie Thurston.

He’s also one of the most interesting contestants on the show so far!

Instagram @TannerGuisnessMust love dogs[/caption]

Who is Bachelorette star Tanner Guisness?

According to his LinkedIn, Guisness is an account executive for a title insurance company in Southern California — making him a West Coast native, like Katie Thurston.

He’s a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he majored in marketing — which is something else he has in common with Katie Thurston.

And, according to his Instagram page, he’s a fan of dogs and skydiving as well.

But there’s another interesting factoid about Guisness that shows he’s not all business!

Instagram @TannerGuisnessWork hard, party harder[/caption]

What is Tanner Guisness’s invention?

In addition to working for the title company, Guisness is the founder and CEO of Dyeislife, which he founded in 2015.

According to Dyeislife’s website, the drinking game’s mission is to “spread the game from coast to coast, bring the best unfiltered/non-PC content to you for your viewing pleasure, and to keep Dyeislife in the hands of the people who made it great to begin with, all of you!”

There are over 150,000 members on the platform.

Seems like he’s still a kid at heart!

Instagram @TannerGuisnessStill a kid at heart[/caption]

What fraternity did Tanner McGuisness belong to?

Tanner McGuisness developed his love for drinking games in college.

He was a member of the Sigma Pi Epsilon fraternity.

McGuisness is also a native of San Diego.

And best of all, he admits that he likes sex jokes!