New York Giants defensive back Logan Ryan is working to get the police better training, building a stronger relationship between law enforcement and the community it serves.

“Where we are in the nation, where we are in the country, it’s a lot of divide,” Ryan said on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football. “And athletes feel like they have the biggest social justice calling of any time. We have the mics in front of us, we have great platforms and I always want to use my platform.”

Ryan is doing more than just using the microphones that are placed in front of him to spark change, he’s forming an organization with his father, a 25-year police officer called Ryan Alternative Solutions Training. According to the RAST website, their “training and consulting services promote the establishment and development of ongoing communication and harmonious interaction between the community and law enforcement.”

“My dad (Lester Ryan) is my hero. He’s a Black man in this country. He’s 25 years a cop in Camden, New Jersey,” Ryan told GMF host Nate Burleson. “He worked in the FBI, the SWAT team, he also has multiple black belts in martial arts. So I feel like he’s extremely qualified when we talk about police reform.”

Ryan noted that he used his platform to speak out last year after George Floyd was murdered, but he still values the importance of law enforcement, especially after watching his father serve for a quarter-century.

“I believe in the police. I don’t believe in defunding the police,” Ryan said. “I believe we need the police. I believe our police need better training to be better equipped to handle some of the situations they deal with. Who’s better to learn from than somebody who served 25 years? He actually had empathy for the people he was arresting.”

Watch above via NFL Network

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