A MUM who claimed she “couldn’t afford” to fix the black mould in her son’s bedroom was blasted after it was revealed she spends £300 a MONTH on beauty products.

Appearing on Channel 4’s How to Save a Grand in 24 Hours, Amy and Mark Wallace, from Worcester, opened up about their chronic overspending which has left them £9,000 in debt.

Channel 4Amy and Mark’s spending habits have left them with £9,000 of debt[/caption]

Opening up about her past money problems, Amy said: “When I split from my ex husband, I actually went through repossession of my house and I went bankrupt.”

Growing up, the mum-of-three said her dad – who was tragically diagnosed with a brain tumour – always “lived in the moment” when it came to money.

She explained: “That planted in my head that you don’t know what is around the corner and life is for living.”

As well as spending £1,000 a month on food, Amy also taught host Anna Richardson that she buys £300 worth of beauty products.

Channel 4The mum and her daughter have £2,575 worth of products[/caption]

Channel 4Their frivolous spending left the couple unable to pay to fix the mould in their teenage son’s room[/caption]

“Amy is teaching her 13-year-old daughter Heidi to be really into beauty,” Anna said. “But they have got an unreal amount of cosmetics and beauty products.”

What’s more, the parents also revealed how they cook three different meals a night to cater for their family of fussy eaters.

However, their frivolous spending means Amy and Mark never had enough money to sort the black mould in teenage son Dylan’s bedroom – which was caused by a leak in the roof.

“£300 a month on beauty products, nearly a grand a month on the food shop and yet they claim to have no money to sort the black mould in their child’s room,” one viewer fumed on Twitter. “What is wrong with some people, seriously!”

Channel 4Viewers were shocked by the couple’s spending habits[/caption]

Channel 4Dyaln was treated to a room refresh[/caption]

“The family should be reported to social services,” another raged. “Black mould in their son’s bedroom but yet they spend £300 a month on makeup.”

Meanwhile, a third said: “Some people have so much money they waste it and complain they are struggling while others genuinely have little but make it go a long way.”

However, the show’s panel of experts – cleaning expert Peachy, chef Gary Usher and DIY pro Eve Humphreys – highlighted how the family waste could easily save themselves £1,141 a month with some easy changes to their lifestyle.

Instead of cooking three meals a night, Gary recommended batch cooking recipes the whole family will enjoy while Peachy challenged Amy and her daughter not to buy any products for a whole week.


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Totting up the cost of all their beauty bits, the expert estimated they were worth £2,575.

She added: “The whole family could have gone to Disneyland for that.”

Luckily for Dylan, Eve was able to quickly treat the mould and gave his bedroom a refresh with some new wallpaper.

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