Because Democrats refuse to allow the traditional amount of bipartisan transparency over elections, with access over voting data being given to both Republicans and Democrats, and because the Democrats refuse to allow Republicans to look at highly suspicious machine voter tabulations, the United States is still in turmoil over the 2020 Presidential Election, led by one small town in Michigan.

“The 2020 Presidential election lawsuit against Antrim County is back before a judge,” reports Michigan media.


Bill Bailey is suing the county over the November 2020 election results and is asking to conduct his own audit of those results. The case has gained national attention for its allegations of fraud and the implications of impacting the presidential election. Traditionally a Republican area, Antrim County results initially showed Joe Biden winning the race. But the clerk admitted the human error, and the results for the county were corrected, swaying to Donald Trump.

But Bailey actually filed suit concerned with a Central Lake village marijuana proposal – because three ballots were spoiled after they were damaged in a close recount.

KEY POINT:Because of the successful campaign by Democrats and other invested lawmakers to prevent people from examining the Dominion machines at this […]

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