JAKE PAUL is eyeing Floyd Mayweather’s crown as the richest fighter of all time – with $1BILLLION in career earnings.

Mayweather retired officially in 2017 with a historic 50-0 record and as the pay-per-view king.

Jake Paul is eyeing Floyd Mayweather’s crown of richest fighter of all time

AP:Associated PressFloyd Mayweather retired as the wealthiest fighter ever[/caption]

His last fight, a tenth round stoppage against Conor McGregor is what he claimed made him a billionaire.

But for all Mayweather’s unrivalled ability and persona, he did not headline on PPV until 2005, when he was aged 28 and 34 fights into his career.

Paul, in another universe in terms of skill, has divided opinions with his 3-0 record, but has been a box office hit from the start.

What cannot be denied is his pulling power, selling 1.5m PPVs in his last fight, a first-round knockout against ex-UFC welterweight Ben Askren.

Paul is confident the path he is currently on leaves him in a position to sensationally retire as the wealthiest fighter ever.

He told SunSport: “I do think I can hit the $1billion prizefighter mark, easily.

“All I’ve got to do is keep on winning – and I will keep on winning – and we’ll see.

“I think it’s very possible and that’s why I say there is no limit to where this can go. I have the ace up my sleeve. The ace up my sleeve is that I can actually fight.”


Jake Paul entered elite company

Paul debuted by blasting out online rival ‘AnEsonGib’ in the first round in January 2020.

He then followed it up with two showstopping KOs against ex-NBA star Nate Robinson and Askren, both 36.

But yet to fight an experienced boxer or MMA fighter with proven striking skills, Paul has called for a step up in class on his return.

His win over Askren proved to be the tenth highest-selling PPV fight of all time, only adding to his commercial value.

But despite the money to be made between the ropes, Paul warned he could hang up the gloves by 30 to start a family, and invest his time elsewhere.

He said: “It’s like, how long do I want to dedicate myself to these long, hard training camps? I see it happening for the next five, six years.

“But I want to have a family eventually. At the end of the day I’m an entrepreneur, so I can make money any way I want.

“It’s not like boxing is my only outlet. I’m doing it because I love it and I’m having fun.

GettyJake Paul celebrates his third professional win[/caption]

ryan@ryanloco.comJake Paul said he could retired aged 30[/caption]

“It would be nice to hit 10-0 and retire but we’ll see. This is just the start of my journey, not even the sky, there are no limits to this.

“I’m just enjoying each moment, each fight and taking it as I go.”

Paul is still yet to convince many in his early yet meteoric rise in the ring, but has unquestionably made a splash in the fight game.

He has called out superstars in McGregor, 32, and Mayweather, 44, as well as current contenders like Tyson Fury’s brother Tommy, 21.

But the social media celebrity fears while several are quick to challenge him, not everyone is willing to risk their record and reputation when the bell sounds.

And he questioned whether the purse will be enough to convince fighters to put it all on the line against him under the bright lights.

Paul explained: “Do they want the biggest payday and exposure in their lives to risk it all?

“I’m doing the same thing, right? I’m putting it all on the line, so why aren’t these guys who are considered ‘pro fighters’ doing the same?”