TYSON FURY is living the American dream.

The Gypsy King, 32, who risked the wrath of wife Paris by having oil rubbed on him by female fans while he was poolside in Las Vegas recently, is set to face Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia on August 14. Fury is living the American dream during his training camp[/caption]

Instagram/gypsyking101Fury is being put through his paces by trainer Javan ‘Sugarhill’ Steward in Las Vegas[/caption]

Paris and Tyson Fury are reunited after he was seen with bikini-clad fans

And for the dream bout, the Wythenshawe-born fighter is already working hard in a training camp in the USA.

After flying out to Nevada, Fury has been working in the gym with Javan ‘Sugarhill’ Steward.

But, it hasn’t been all play for the WBC champ – who was seen hanging out with David Beckham at an Inter Miami game, as well as polishing off a dinner with basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal

And he’s now been joined by his pregnant wife Paris.


Back in April, Fury kick-started his preparations for the blockbuster contest by flying out to Las Vegas for some gym work.

He linked up with legendary cutman Jorge Capetillo, who uploaded a couple of videos of the pair in action at Top Rank’s private gym.

In the first clip, Capetillo can be seen wrapping Fury’s fists.

While in the second, Fury’s speed and agility are put to the test during the workout.

Ahead of Billy Joe Saunders’ contest with Canelo Alvarez, Fury also met up with ‘Superb’ in Texas for a week.

The pair did some cardio work – running and cycling. Of course, Fury got there by private jet with Tommy Fury and his son, Prince John.

Cutman Jorge Capetillo wraps Fury’s fists

Fury headed to Texas to join Billy Joe Saunders working out before his fight with Canelo Alvarez

Instagram / @gypsyking101Fury does some cardio work with Saunders[/caption]


After photos emerged of Tyson with his female fans poolside, wife Paris has flown out to Miami to be with him.

The pregnant 31-year-old reunited with her beloved and they shared a picture on Instagram together.

Fury wrote: “Wow! look what i bumped in to in miami the hottest blonde about, @parisfury1 my queen has arrived….. usa.”

Now, she can keep a closer eye on her man!


Javan ‘Sugarhill’ Steward has been Fury’s trainer since 2019, after Fury parted ways with Ben Davison.

Not only have the pair been working on a strategy to defeat Joshua on the ring, they’ve also had plenty of fun along the way.

Aside from sparring together, they’ve also been hitting the town in some flamboyant wear since April.

The two appear to have a very close relationship – inside and outside the ring.

Fury and Javan ‘Sugarhill’ Steward have formed a close relationship

InstagramSteward works on Fury’s footwork[/caption]

Instagram / @ jorgecapetillo02Jorge Capetillo works on Fury’s neck muscles[/caption]


It’s not all work and no play for Tyson, and his brother Tommy.

The pair have been enjoying the luxuries of their Las Vegas hotel, topping up their tans by the pool.

And, of course, they’ve had plenty of attention, especially, Tyson who was pictured getting some suntan lotion rubbed on his body by a female fan.

The incident even had fans guessing if wife Paris was furious with her husband, posting pics of herself without her wedding ring.

Rest assured though, she’s in the US now with Tyson.

MegaFury gets some suntan lotion rubbed into his torso by a female fan[/caption]

instagramTommy and Tyson Fury show off their impressive tans[/caption]

Instagram/gypsyking101Fury pokes fun at Paris Fury removing her wedding ring in photos online[/caption]


When you’re Stateside it’s always good to check out the local sports teams.

And when is owned by another English sporting hero, it would be even ruder not to.

Fury and his family went to David Beckham’s Inter Miami last week to see a 2-0 loss to Montreal Impact.

And not only did they meet Becks, they also got a snap with DJ’s David Guetta and Cedric Gervais .

The supergroup posed for a snap – with Fury wearing the most astonishing of shirts.

The Fury family enjoy the Inter Miami game

Fury met David Beckham and DJ’s David Guetta, first from left, and Cedric Gervais


While in America, Fury has been mixing with other sports stars.

And when you are as famous as the Gypsy King, they’ll all want to meet you too.

As well as that invitation from Becks, he was spied having dinner with basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal.

Fury also made his son Prince John’s dream come true by taking him to a WWE event, where he met Rey Mysterio.

The WBC heavyweight champion has been in America training for his undisputed title fight with Anthony Joshua.

Fury met up with Shaquille O’Neal in America

InstagramPrince John and Tyson Fury pose with WWE hero Rey Mysterio[/caption]


When you’re the champ (and worth around £40million), splashing out on quality garments is essential.

And for Tyson, it’s important he’s comfortable too.

On Insta, we’ve seen a new addition to his wardrobe – a gold Versace robe that costs £355.

He hasn’t been shy wearing it out either, often seen cruising around his Las Vegas hotel lobby with it draped around his shoulders.

However, he better be careful. The robe comes with an apparent curse – UFC stars Conor McGregor and Israel Adesanya, as well as Saunders all lost their next fights after been seen wearing one.

Will Tyson be next?

Instagram/gypsyking101Fury has been practically living in his £335 Versace robe[/caption]

Twitter @Tyson_FuryThe robe has cursed fighters including Conor McGregor before, so will it affect Fury?[/caption]